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Previous events

Radigan Roundup Sunday June 12th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

The Radigan Roundup welcomes the fab Don Schlitz for his Brooklyn debut !! Seriously, seeing Don perform at the magical 12th St is as close to a unicorn sighting as you'll have all year !


Here are some stats (if you're into that kinda thing) : * 2-time Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter * 3 CMA Song of the Year Awards * 4-time ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year * 24 #1 singles and a Broadway Musical. If you love hearing one badass song after another or you're a fan of 'Nashville' do not miss this show ! And as an added bonus he's pretty damn funny. Yours truly & Alex Battles will be opening the show.

Radigan Roundup Sunday June 5th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup kicks off june with the fabuloso Avi Wisnia, Lara Ewen, Monica Passin, Jack Tannehill & Shaky Dave. Come join in the fun. This Sunday at 7.30 at the equally fabuloso 12th st Bar & Grill ~

Monica Passin https://youtu.be/wAeu1zSIycs

Avi Wisnia https://youtu.be/K7Y1OVbOdO4

Lara Ewen http://www.unstrungmusic.com/music.html

Jack Tannehill https://youtu.be/Yzctueh_EWA?t=36s

Radigan 'Where the Heck Did May Go?' Roundup

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

This Sunday Andy Mac, Bryan Dunn, Heather Eatman, Aron Blue, Alex Battles & yours truly will sing out the merry month of May. Come & sing along. There may also be a special guest or two ?! This Sunday at 12th st Bar & Grill ~ 7.30 Your sneak peeks ....

Heather https://youtu.be/SIsonSeUWqA

Bryan Dunn https://youtu.be/DqBg7R9uzz0

Andy https://youtu.be/ZtvOQRg5VxI

Aron https://youtu.be/SuLm_UGjJzw

Alex https://youtu.be/vVKDMWj2MKo

Radigan 'Stayin Alive' Roundup Sunday May 22nd

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan 'Stayin Alive' Roundup Sunday May 22nd! You will kick yourself if you miss Eric Ambel, Mary Lee Kortes, Diane Garisto, Elise Morris, Carmella Ramsey & Kenny Vaughn playing in one of BK's coolest neighborhood bars. Sunday 12th St Bar & Grill Park Slope - 7.30 super sharp !!

Here's your sneak peek ~

Eric Ambel https://youtu.be/spA2WqnuBaI

Mary Lee Kortes https://youtu.be/7rowCVf4qro

Diane https://soundcloud.com/user-929622838/billys-blues

Carmella http://www.allmusic.com/artist/carmella-ramsey-mn0000561313

Kenny Vaughan https://youtu.be/2njlqzIKhgI

Radigan Roundup Sunday May 15th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

S'gonna be a swing your partner Do-si-do Radigan Roundup this Sunday ! The fab Shaky Dave, Bill Kelly, Big Dog Run, Xavier Cardriche & Alex Battles will have your foot tappin & your hands a clappin ~ Twelfth Street Bar & Grill - 7.30 ! Alex Battles & Shaky Dave https://youtu.be/HYSySupTtT8 Big Dog Run https://youtu.be/cqbH77Jg0tU Xavier https://youtu.be/cYEJx0XFgmg Bill Kelly https://www.reverbnation.com/…/so…/20069227-king-kongs-blues


Barbès, 376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) , Park Slope, Brooklyn

VickiKristinaBarcelona! returns to the fabulous Barbes Tues May 3rd ! Join Amanda Homi, Rachelle Garniez & Terry Radigan as they perform the music of Tom Waits along with some of their original compositions ~

Radigan Roundup Sunday May 1st

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup is throwing the' Merry Merry Month of May' a welcome home party this Sunday !! Please come and join the fab Jay Stolar, Benjamin Cartel, Andrew Andrew Michael Sovine & Freddy Shehadi. Check out the preview links so you'll see what musical goodness you are in for ! Twelfth St Bar & Grill ` 7.30 Jay https://youtu.be/c6VjnBlmKso Benjamin https://youtu.be/RwWEWGjzvPI Andrew https://youtu.be/dO8l0EaIGEo Freddy https://youtu.be/GKbTh3GeCEg

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 24th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

UPdate ........ There's a pretty good chance that Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel will be stopping by to play a tune or two AND Larry Krone will be joining his fella on a song ~ The mighty oracle says YES YES - tonight at 7.30 !!! Radigan Roundup ushers out April with the wonderful Jim Andralis, Tracy Smith, Roger Greenawalt, Deni Bonet, Hillary Bratton & Barry Reynolds ! Please come out & join in a wonderful eve of music & comedy ( on purpose !! ) at Twelfth St Bar & Grill. Captain Howdy says 'Yes Yes' !! Roger https://youtu.be/ryMBE_m7h8g Jim ( Warning - fab & explicit !! ) https://youtu.be/SGuhb_WQMk8 Deni https://youtu.be/KwPFXhtN9c4?t=9s Hillary https://soundcloud.com/hillary-bratton

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 17th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup welcomes back the fab Janie Barnett, Benjamin Cartel & Billy Stephen ! A taste of Nashville is arriving with the equally fab Carmella Ramsey & Kenny Vaughan ! For my friends this side of the Mason Dixon Carmella & Kenny have played with everyone from Lucinda Williams, Marty Stuart, Patty Loveless, Rodney Crowell, John Prine & then some. Kenny Vaughan https://youtu.be/2njlqzIKhgI Benjamin Cartel https://youtu.be/ygi5nvgLoW8 Janie Barnett https://soundcloud.com/janie-barnett-1/good-crazy-thing Billy Stephen https://youtu.be/pcjQt8sqyfs Carmella Ramsey http://www.allmusic.com/artist/carmella-ramsey-mn0000561313

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 10th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup welcomes back the fab Matt Keating & Linda Draper and is looking forward to making the musical aquintance of Michael Kroll and Ed & Greta Tristram ! Sunday @ 7.30. Twelfth St Bar & Grill ~

Matt Keating https://youtu.be/ia0n7RxzlA4

linda draper https://youtu.be/6ETOEn9gsFU

Michael Kroll https://soundcloud.com/michael-kroll-2/02-soul-of-a-summer-day-seq5

Greta & Ed http://www.goodvsevilshow.com

Radigan 'Git Spectacular' Roundup

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup rings in April with some no fooling around playing !!
Jedi Pickers Teddy Kumpel, Andrew Sovine, Jason Loughlin & Jeff Litman will astound with sound !! If you don't know the names check out the links below and make your way to Twelfth St Bar & Grill this Sunday at 7.30 sharp. No cover but tip jar love is always appreciated

Teddy Kumpel https://youtu.be/peaXhjoYAI8

Jason Loughlin https://youtu.be/6ojP_idLWVs

Andrew Sovine https://youtu.be/dO8l0EaIGEo

Jeff Litman https://youtu.be/nma9aVYkXkg

Terry Radigan

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

The Radigan Roundup this Sunday welcomes the fab Sasha Dobson, Brad Hamilton with Jeannine Fletcher, Kandia Crazy Horse & Shira featuring Paul Carbonara. It's going to be a great show. Join us at Twelfth St Bar & Grill at 7.30 ~

Sasha Dobson https://youtu.be/VHC7U9VcJnc

Brad Hamilton https://youtu.be/z2n1mJ648ok

Kandia Crazy Horse https://youtu.be/Gcpl-BihxAA

Shira & Paul https://youtu.be/LTAVplsFp1s

Radigan Roundup Sunday March 13th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup is fixin to get it on this Sunday with yet another wonderful lineup ~ !! Andy Mac, Natti Vogel, Larry Krone, Julian Fleisher & Tamuz Nissim !! A few spoiler alerts. 1. I will be playing drums on a song or two 2. There will be loads of harmonizing 3. There will be a at least 3 'Brooklyn' songs 4. These folks are all pretty damn good Come join us at Twelfth St Bar & Grill 7.30 ~

Here's your sneak peak

Larry Krone https://youtu.be/m3eUjoT0CG4

Natti https://youtu.be/JBruRmhlMaQ

Tamuz Nissim https://youtu.be/44bagAIrhJ0

Julian https://vimeo.com/715992

Radigan 'Love Is In The Air' Roundup

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Whether you're falling in or out of love the Radigan Roundup is the place to be on Valentines Day. Scott Klass (The Davenports), Cait Brennan, Xavier Cardriche, Aron Blue & yours truly will be singing our collective hearts out. Twelfth street Bar - Sunday - 7.30.

Cait ~ http://popdose.com/what-the-world-needs-now-the-incredible-music-and-story-of-cait-brennan/

Scott ~ https://youtu.be/4xK8jSWYGHM

Xavier ~ https://youtu.be/cYEJx0XFgmg

Aron ~ https://youtu.be/SuLm_UGjJzw?list=PLQqGA5ICw52PtVGgP2ISgi7NvLrKZhLqT

Radigan 'Super Bowl X-Travaganza

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup Super Bowl X Travaganza !!

SUPER EARLY start time !!3.30!!

It's going to be an afternoon pre game jamboree. Warren Malone will be performing & his son Gibson will finally be able to play the Roundup as Sunday is a school day& he is all of 12 years old. His playing is timeless ! Benjamin Cartel, Kieran Mulvaney, Paul Fairall, Steve Mayone will be lending their fab voices to the afternoon. Come early / stay late ~ Twelfth St Bar 1123 8th ave Park Slope

Warren https://youtu.be/5lDFOPj1quY

Gibson Malone https://youtu.be/78Sdhgg363I

Benjamin Cartel https://youtu.be/w8YQnz6be58