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Previous events

Radigan 'Back to School' Roundup

 —  —

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Wear your brand new back to school outfit to this Sundays Radigan Roundup ! The fab David Farrell Melton, Ina May Wool, The Better Tones & Alex Battles will be pickin & singin ! 12th St Bar & Grill 7.30 sharp ~

The Better Tones https://youtu.be/JGzllsd_QWo Alex https://youtu.be/vVKDMWj2MKo David Farrell davidfarrellmelton.bandcamp.com/ Ina May www.inamaywool.com/

Radigan Roundup Sunday Aug 28th

 —  —

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Thrilled to have the groovy sounds of Ultan Conlon, Dina Regine, Benjamin Cartel & Janie Barnett grace the Roundup this Sunday @ 7.30 ! 12th St Bar & Grill ~

Here's your sneak peek ~

Ultan Conlon https://youtu.be/MFpuzEK8f9Q

Dina Regine https://youtu.be/YV1MlWqgrEw

Benjamin Cartel https://youtu.be/lgQYTELeLo0

Janie Barnett https://soundcloud.com/janie-barnett-1/good-crazy-thing

Radigan 'Welcome Home August' Roundup Extravaganza

 —  —

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Another fab lineup for this weeks Radigan Roundup ! John Kengla, Jessie Kilguss, Jason Loughlin, Jack Grace ! Benjamin Cartel will be dropping by to play a few as well ! Check out the vid links & you'll wanna be front & center this Sunday at 12th St Bar & Grill @ 7.30 ! Jason Loughlin https://youtu.be/Qx-68e1EUrg John Kengla https://youtu.be/rFDmhUsx3QA Jack Grace https://youtu.be/ZS72AIW4csQ Jessie Kilguss https://youtu.be/FRcL9cmuMrk Benjamin Cartel https://youtu.be/lgQYTELeLo0

Radigan 'Bye Bye July' Roundup

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup this Sunday is pleased to have the fab Mike Coon, Matt Keating, Greta Keating, Steve Mayone & Jenna Torres ! Please come out & feast your ears on what promises to be a wonderful evening of song at 12th Bar & Grill / 7.30 ~

Take a gander ~ Matt Keating https://youtu.be/NNeN-aVW08c

Greta Keating https://youtu.be/lbPT9WSSiIQ

Steve Mayone https://youtu.be/hcp7I4lldr4

Jenna Torres https://youtu.be/zuCV_FQcknc?t=31s

Radigan Roundup Sunday July 17th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Treat yourself and head down to the Radigan Roundup this Sunday. Don't take my word for it just check out the sneak peeks & you'll be sitting front & center come Sunday basking in the sounds of Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters, John Montagna, Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel & Freddie Stevenson.

Kate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters https://youtu.be/6Sj5jn4pagg

John Montagna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0IO9EIWJ4w

Anana https://youtu.be/3KU6oGt9Ukw

Freddie Stevenson https://youtu.be/WnWFFTtyeIs

Radigan Roundup

 —  —

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup kicks off July with a firecracker of a show ~ Please come & feast your ears on the song stylings of Pete Sinjin, Graham Norwood, Emily Duff & Andrew Michael Sovine. 12th St Bar & Grill ~ 7.30 !!

Here's your sneak peek of this weeks fab-ness ...

Graham Norwood https://youtu.be/Whvr5pk34cA?t=19s

Pete Sinjin https://youtu.be/_SKSiUTRbX0

Emily Duff https://youtu.be/KzH1TUs0XtQ

Andrew Sovine https://youtu.be/dO8l0EaIGEo

Radigan Roundup Sunday June 12th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

The Radigan Roundup welcomes the fab Don Schlitz for his Brooklyn debut !! Seriously, seeing Don perform at the magical 12th St is as close to a unicorn sighting as you'll have all year !


Here are some stats (if you're into that kinda thing) : * 2-time Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter * 3 CMA Song of the Year Awards * 4-time ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year * 24 #1 singles and a Broadway Musical. If you love hearing one badass song after another or you're a fan of 'Nashville' do not miss this show ! And as an added bonus he's pretty damn funny. Yours truly & Alex Battles will be opening the show.

Radigan Roundup Sunday June 5th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup kicks off june with the fabuloso Avi Wisnia, Lara Ewen, Monica Passin, Jack Tannehill & Shaky Dave. Come join in the fun. This Sunday at 7.30 at the equally fabuloso 12th st Bar & Grill ~

Monica Passin https://youtu.be/wAeu1zSIycs

Avi Wisnia https://youtu.be/K7Y1OVbOdO4

Lara Ewen http://www.unstrungmusic.com/music.html

Jack Tannehill https://youtu.be/Yzctueh_EWA?t=36s

Radigan 'Where the Heck Did May Go?' Roundup

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

This Sunday Andy Mac, Bryan Dunn, Heather Eatman, Aron Blue, Alex Battles & yours truly will sing out the merry month of May. Come & sing along. There may also be a special guest or two ?! This Sunday at 12th st Bar & Grill ~ 7.30 Your sneak peeks ....

Heather https://youtu.be/SIsonSeUWqA

Bryan Dunn https://youtu.be/DqBg7R9uzz0

Andy https://youtu.be/ZtvOQRg5VxI

Aron https://youtu.be/SuLm_UGjJzw

Alex https://youtu.be/vVKDMWj2MKo

Radigan 'Stayin Alive' Roundup Sunday May 22nd

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan 'Stayin Alive' Roundup Sunday May 22nd! You will kick yourself if you miss Eric Ambel, Mary Lee Kortes, Diane Garisto, Elise Morris, Carmella Ramsey & Kenny Vaughn playing in one of BK's coolest neighborhood bars. Sunday 12th St Bar & Grill Park Slope - 7.30 super sharp !!

Here's your sneak peek ~

Eric Ambel https://youtu.be/spA2WqnuBaI

Mary Lee Kortes https://youtu.be/7rowCVf4qro

Diane https://soundcloud.com/user-929622838/billys-blues

Carmella http://www.allmusic.com/artist/carmella-ramsey-mn0000561313

Kenny Vaughan https://youtu.be/2njlqzIKhgI

Radigan Roundup Sunday May 15th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

S'gonna be a swing your partner Do-si-do Radigan Roundup this Sunday ! The fab Shaky Dave, Bill Kelly, Big Dog Run, Xavier Cardriche & Alex Battles will have your foot tappin & your hands a clappin ~ Twelfth Street Bar & Grill - 7.30 ! Alex Battles & Shaky Dave https://youtu.be/HYSySupTtT8 Big Dog Run https://youtu.be/cqbH77Jg0tU Xavier https://youtu.be/cYEJx0XFgmg Bill Kelly https://www.reverbnation.com/…/so…/20069227-king-kongs-blues


Barbès, 376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) , Park Slope, Brooklyn

VickiKristinaBarcelona! returns to the fabulous Barbes Tues May 3rd ! Join Amanda Homi, Rachelle Garniez & Terry Radigan as they perform the music of Tom Waits along with some of their original compositions ~

Radigan Roundup Sunday May 1st

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup is throwing the' Merry Merry Month of May' a welcome home party this Sunday !! Please come and join the fab Jay Stolar, Benjamin Cartel, Andrew Andrew Michael Sovine & Freddy Shehadi. Check out the preview links so you'll see what musical goodness you are in for ! Twelfth St Bar & Grill ` 7.30 Jay https://youtu.be/c6VjnBlmKso Benjamin https://youtu.be/RwWEWGjzvPI Andrew https://youtu.be/dO8l0EaIGEo Freddy https://youtu.be/GKbTh3GeCEg

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 24th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

UPdate ........ There's a pretty good chance that Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel will be stopping by to play a tune or two AND Larry Krone will be joining his fella on a song ~ The mighty oracle says YES YES - tonight at 7.30 !!! Radigan Roundup ushers out April with the wonderful Jim Andralis, Tracy Smith, Roger Greenawalt, Deni Bonet, Hillary Bratton & Barry Reynolds ! Please come out & join in a wonderful eve of music & comedy ( on purpose !! ) at Twelfth St Bar & Grill. Captain Howdy says 'Yes Yes' !! Roger https://youtu.be/ryMBE_m7h8g Jim ( Warning - fab & explicit !! ) https://youtu.be/SGuhb_WQMk8 Deni https://youtu.be/KwPFXhtN9c4?t=9s Hillary https://soundcloud.com/hillary-bratton

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 17th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup welcomes back the fab Janie Barnett, Benjamin Cartel & Billy Stephen ! A taste of Nashville is arriving with the equally fab Carmella Ramsey & Kenny Vaughan ! For my friends this side of the Mason Dixon Carmella & Kenny have played with everyone from Lucinda Williams, Marty Stuart, Patty Loveless, Rodney Crowell, John Prine & then some. Kenny Vaughan https://youtu.be/2njlqzIKhgI Benjamin Cartel https://youtu.be/ygi5nvgLoW8 Janie Barnett https://soundcloud.com/janie-barnett-1/good-crazy-thing Billy Stephen https://youtu.be/pcjQt8sqyfs Carmella Ramsey http://www.allmusic.com/artist/carmella-ramsey-mn0000561313

Radigan Roundup Sunday April 10th

12th st Bar & Grill , 1123 8th ave , Brooklyn NY

Radigan Roundup welcomes back the fab Matt Keating & Linda Draper and is looking forward to making the musical aquintance of Michael Kroll and Ed & Greta Tristram ! Sunday @ 7.30. Twelfth St Bar & Grill ~

Matt Keating https://youtu.be/ia0n7RxzlA4

linda draper https://youtu.be/6ETOEn9gsFU

Michael Kroll https://soundcloud.com/michael-kroll-2/02-soul-of-a-summer-day-seq5

Greta & Ed http://www.goodvsevilshow.com