The Brooklyn Renaissance is alive and well in the genre-bending musical outpourings of Terry Radigan. Born and bred in the borough, Radigan represents the most soulful expression of the dreamland found in the shadow of Lady Liberty. In her jeweled crown is her voice and her trusty guitar, which together bring the humor and joy necessary for a good life anywhere. 

Radigan has had three well-received albums —‘ 

Pawnbrokers Daughter,’ ‘Radigan,’ and ‘The Breakdown of a Breakup’. 

Radigan’s new record, ‘More!’, out on Catherine the Great Records, is a definitive collection of less: less fuss, less worry and less wanting more. ‘More!’ is a nod to simpler times, to the smiling easy stylings of Mr. Andy Williams on the record player, singing his heart out and strumming on the guitar. After all, it was one day at her Red Hook, Brooklyn studio when Ms. Radigan began fooling around, playing her own version of Mr. Williams’ 60s pop hit, that magic struck. 

The song, she says, with her signature sideways smile, “was my mom’s favorite, and one of the first songs I’d ever learned to play. I hadn’t planned on putting any covers on the record but I couldn’t get ‘More’ out of my head. I figured I’d do a quick demo and get the song out of my system but once I started recording I didn’t want to stop. I realized that was the energy I wanted for the whole record.” 

The record was produced, recorded and mixed by Radigan. 

Every song is an inspired creation, bringing her clever lyrics and deep melodic lines together with a bevy of top-notch musician friends. 

Other notable voices have drawn from her creativity to cover her songs, among them Trisha Yearwood, Ashley MacIsaac, Patty Loveless, Anúna and Don Walker (Cold Chisel). Radigan originals have also appeared in numerous films and in television. 

Not one to sit still, Radigan curates a bi-monthly Brooklyn music series “Radigan Roundup” featuring some of the best Americana acts the borough has to offer. Further, she is member of the power trio VickiKristinaBarcelona who are scheduled to play a series of festivals summer 2018. And lastly, Radigan participates with Darden Smith’s Songwriting with Soldiers. 

The tone Ms. Radigan sets with “More!” is exactly the tenor needed for the world right now.  “This record is best listened to on a transistor radio on the beach in Coney Island on the longest day of summer,” Radigan offers up, eyes wide in excitement thinking about it this cold December day in her living room. “But, barring that, you can imagine, listening to it, that you’re anywhere you want to be.” She winks. “And that you can always have more!”