Shelter Songs mission is to help those in the shelter system share their story thru song. 
Shelter Songs currently works with the residents of the
Park Slope Women’s Shelter & Broadway House. 
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Be Somebody’s Angel

Everybody calling for the angels up above 
Who could blame them these times sure are tough 
We all need one but we could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

Someone to your left someone to your right 
Might be wondering how they’re gonna make it thru the night
We all need one but we could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

Be somebody’s angel 
Someone’s nick of time 
Someone’s answered prayer 
Ooh somebody’s lifeline 
Don’t need no Halo 
Don’t need no harp - unless you want one 
Just eyes to see 
And a beating heart 

You don’t know me 
I may not know you 
But one thing I do know 
Is we’ve both sung the blues 
now Maybe in a different language 
Our skin of a different hue 
On the skids or 
On Park Ave 
We all need one but could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

So as I get down on my knees to pray 
that as i walk thru this world today 
i'm gonna send a little love 
To whoever comes my way 
a smile just might make it all seem okay 
We all need one  we can be one 
Be somebody’s angel

Written by R,C,O,T & T

Just Walk Away 

I need to calm to calm my mind / There is some peace I need to find 
Maybe tomorrow not today / Just walk away 
There’s a pounding in my chest / I wanna scream I need to rest 
You won’t get it no matter what I say / Just walk away 

Just walk away don’t turn back / Just walk away let it fade to black 
Swallow the anger spit out the pain / I don’t want my life to be in vain 

If you see me seeing red / There’s already sirens going off in my head 
No black no white it’s all gray / Just walk away 

It took me 25 years / To get to this place to be standing here 
If you’re in my shoes I hope & pray / That you too can walk away 
Just walk away 

Written by R & T

My Life Matters

When you’re young hopeless naive and in love 
A monster like you fits like a glove  
A little lost lamb the perfect prey 
I thought my prayers were answered 
When you came my way  

Cause I was looking for someone  
I could call my own 
Thought I'd be better with you than all alone  
When you opened that door 
How could I have known 
I was walking into a prison not a home 

You cut me down made me feel so small  
Like I was nobody's daughter
like I was nothing at all    
You thought you’d keep me  
keep me down forever 
But I'm breaking out & I’m gonna better 

Cause home is where the hurt is  
And I've got too much heart 
I know I'm not worthless but where do I start 
To pick up the pieces  when it’s all so shattered  
The only thing I know  Is that my life matters  
My life matters 
My life matters  

When I close my eyes  
I’ll tell you what I see  
A two bedroom apartment 
With a big ass balcony  
Billie purring on my lap 
I’m sipping a cup of tea  
Stairway to heaven  
Playing out in the street  

Anger Raging Snapping Turtle

My Richter scale Is passed a million 
I’m clocking in at about a billion 
Smacked by the nail but the hammer is not the one smacking 
Life is not a box of chocolates 
And sometimes shit happens 

Go to the therapist tell them everything 
They give you some medicine but it don’t do a thing 
And you just wanna run away send this whole life packing 
Life is not a box of chocolates 
And sometimes shit happens 

Sometimes it's hard to get in your right mind 
When the same shit happens
Time after time after time after time

I wanna be bird In no harms way 
So I can fly far from yesterday 
You best believe I won’t be looking back 
Cause there never was no prize In this Cracker Jack 
Life is not a box of chocolates 
But I coulda told you that 
Sometimes shit happens
And that’s a natural fact

Written by L, S, D, R & T