Shelter Songs mission is to help those in the shelter system share their story thru song. 

Shelter Songs currently works with the residents of the Park Slope Women’s Shelter.
The PSWS serves homeless women who experience psychiatric illness, substance abuse and other issues. 

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The Songs

Just Walk Away 

I need to calm to calm my mind / There is some peace I need to find 
Maybe tomorrow not today / Just walk away 
There’s a pounding in my chest / I wanna scream I need to rest 
You won’t get it no matter what I say / Just walk away 

Just walk away don’t turn back / Just walk away let it fade to black 
Swallow the anger spit out the pain / I don’t want my life to be in vain 

If you see me seeing red / There’s already sirens going off in my head 
No black no white it’s all gray / Just walk away 

It took me 25 years / To get to this place to be standing here 
If you’re in my shoes I hope & pray / That you too can walk away 
Just walk away 

 Rock n Roll 

Last call with Karl at
Neimans  Allllllll aboard  
All you Uptown girls with your Chanel bags 
With all that money can afford 

Step into the spiral  
All you butterflies  
New York will eat you  
And eat at you alive  
Then the truth will come out  
Are you a made out of gold  
Or are you a counterfeit girl  

Where are our idols  Brittany & Justin  
Matching denim we thought we could trust them  
And then they broke they broke our hearts 
And a darkness fell over these here parts  

America is
dangling from a cliff  
Melania Ivanka  
How did it come to this  

Runaway brides  Bachelorettes  
Nothing to remember nothing to forget  
We lived together once the rich and the poor  
Till they bottled all the oxygen  
And wired all the doors 

There’ll be no trading places Dan will be Dan  
And ol legless Eddie will never be the man  

Step into the spiral   
All you butterflies   
New York will eat you   
And eat at you alive   
Then the truth will come out   
Are you a made out of gold   
Or are you a counterfeit girl  


Be Somebody’s Angel

Everybody calling for the angels up above 
Who could blame them these times sure are tough 
We all need one but we could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

Someone to your left someone to your right 
Might be wondering how they’re gonna make it thru the night
We all need one but we could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

Be somebody’s angel 
Someone’s nick of time 
Someone’s answered prayer 
Ooh somebody’s lifeline 
Don’t need no wings 
Don’t need no harp - less you want one 
Just eyes to see 
And a beating heart 

You don’t know me 
I may not know you 
But one thing I do know 
Is we’ve both sung the blues 
Maybe in a different language 
Our skin of a different hue 
On the skids or 
On Park Ave 
We all need one but could be one 
Be somebody’s angel 

So as I make my way thru this today 
I send a little love to whoever comes my way 
We all need one  we can be one 
Be somebody’s angel

Luna Star Smile

Luna Star Smile is coming to town 
She’s walked a long hard mile to spread kindness around 
Luna Star Smile melts away danger 
And when you’re not afraid nobody’s  a stranger

And her will has power power power 
In the deepest darkest hour 
It’s stronger than the dope stronger than the smoke 
It’ll blow it all away 

Luna Star Smile she’s got a sidekick 
They call her Tough Little Cookie that’s her lil sis 
And their moms always tired she needs to rest 
So Luna Star Smile & Tough Little Cookie do their best 


The moon has power It can push & pull the tides 
And stars are for wishes and they can be your guide 
And her smile oh her smile her stepdad used to say 
Could sell a million t shirts in just one day 


Luna Star Smile is dreaming of home 
And playing Hot Cross Buns real loud
On her xylophone dreaming of home