From the recording MORE!

Written by T. Radigan
Jason Mercer: Bass
Josh Dion: Drums
T. Radigan: Guitars, Keys


A fire on one end
A fool on the other
You & I were destined to be lovers
Oh from our very first kiss
I was yours I could not resist

So you go on and you take all my money
And that tar goes down
Sweeter than tupelo honey
You're my last thought in the evening
My first thought of the day
Lordie how you take my breath away

Like you were made for me
It's like you were made for me
It's like someone knew every little thing i’d ever need
They made the lock but not the key
Goddamn I can’t
Quit you baby

When i’m out looking for ya
Ain’t no one a stranger
No alley too dark no hour too late
No thought to the danger
You beat my heart you poison my blood
You are everywhere at once i could never say as much for love

And everybody's got to die of something
Rivers for drowning
Bridges for jumping
And that big ol willow
for to swing your rope
But baby i’ma going up in smoke
A fire on one end
A fool on the other
You’re one sexy motherfucker