1. Siamese Twin

From the recording The Breakdown of a Breakup

Radigan / J. Camp
Catherine The Great Music (ASCAP) / Calle Del Campos (BMI)
Accordion, Percussion - Joshua Camp /
Trumpet - Ben Holmes /
Upright Bass - Taylor Bergren-Crisman /
Drums - Christopher Mikhayel /
Banjo, Percussion, Synths - Radigan /
Recorded by Radigan @ Catherine The Great Studio, Brooklyn, NY


She won't go to bed when I am tired
Downs a bottle of red and is a liar
When she lights a match I blow it out
She is the cat & I am the mouse
And all night long
I'm left to right her wrongs

I kiss him goodnight
But as I close the door
She'll push me aside
And go back for more
And while I protest
She lets down her hair
I grip the rail
As she glides up the stairs

If you're ever in doubt of where's she's been
Follow the sirens follow the smoke
And there you will find my invisible
Siamese twin

On my knees
I'm begging please
But she always wins
Oh, how I fight
Every day every night
But she's got the strength of 10 men

And all night long
I'm left to right her wrongs