From the recording The Breakdown of a Breakup

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Every Now & Then
T. Radigan
Catherine The Great Music (ASCAP)


Sometimes I get a feeling walkin’ down the street
And I think I've gotta call you
And tell you all that's happening to me
And you know it don't hit me
‘Til the phone is in my hand
Mama, I do that
Every now & then

When I'm down with the flu and in my bed
Well, I half expect for you to walk in
Brush back my hair and feel my head
And talkin’ thru the fever
Oh, well I've called out your name
Mama, I do that
Every now & then

Every now & then
No one else will do
Then it all starts again
And oh how I miss you

He says he's thru with talkin’
And slams the door
Should I stay or should I go
Well, I just don't know anymore
So I tell you all about it
‘Cause I know you'll understand
Mama, I do that every now & then