From the recording Rad Songs

Writer : Radigan


1970 #1 Song Cadillac
T. Radigan

It was just the begining the big man said
So he bought a Cadillac & it was red
Driving along he felt just like light
He had a world to meet and songs to write
He'd drive around with the radio on
Till they played his song & he'd sing along

Hey Hey mama wanna ride in the back
Of a 1970 #1 song Cadillac

Oh but the years they buzzed over like a crop dustin plane
Coverin his days coverin his name
He couldn't understand it cause he hadn't changed a thing
Not his hair or his clothes or the songs he'd sing
They all call him a throw back Jones
He listens to the radio but he don't get the songs
So he drives down Broadway tryin to get it back
But he don't hear nothing like the man in black

Hey Hey mama wanna ride in the back
Of a 1970 #1 song Cadillac

Oh but Broadway ain't what it used to be
Ain't quite livin but it ain't quite history
If anybody knows where the good times go
This good ol boy sure would like to know

Houses to paint & it's 7 am
So three beers down to steady his hands
A notebook on the front seat he lights a cigarette
Last night he dreamed a song
Now he forgets
The engines running rough
The ladders on the back
Oh I know you can't ever go back

Hey Hey mama won't you ride in the back
Of my 1970 #1 song Cadillac
Hey Hey mama I wanna go back
In my 1970 #1 song Cadillac